Portrait of Ryan Schweitzer


When we say that we are a conglomerate with a personal touch, it means that we put you, the client, first. And, when we say “we”, we mean “I” because there’s just one of us here at this conglomerate.

MegaCorp Media Group is a one-man show, led by me, Ryan Schweitzer, and I’ve been doing design, animation, programming, and illustration since the turn of the millennium – how modern! Having worked on all of this stuff for 24 years, I’ve got a bunch of experience under my belt. And what do I do with that experience? I put it to work – for you.

I build your websites – the design and the code. I animate your stories – big and small. I design your identity packages. I illustrate whatever you feel needs that special touch. And, I work with you to ensure that the whole package works together, for you.

This is why my business has such a big name – because all of this work is done by me. And, because it’s all done by me, you can be sure that everything I do, I do it for you.*

*And, every now and again, I make sure a bit of cheese pops out!


I provide several different creative services – design, animation, and illustration – and one other service that isn’t usually considered creative, but can be in its own right – programming. As part of the work that you need for your next job, you can pick and choose the package that works for you. If you need the full meal deal, perfect. If you have your own programmer, and you’re just looking for a design for your website, great. If your website is fine, and you need a couple of illustrations for a media package that you’re putting together, excellent.

Selected Clients

  • StarAcers Academy
  • Quake Furniture
  • Calendar Films
  • Monro Communications
  • Prestige Hardwood & Flooring, Ltd
  • Duprey Net
  • National Film Board of Canada
  • THEMIS Program Management & Consulting, Ltd.
  • Emily Carr University
  • cabin + cub
  • Hodgkinson Design
  • Spring Advertising
  • Change Advertising
  • Greenomics Corporation
  • The Anonymous Photo Project
  • Noise Digital
  • MAXIMUS, Inc.
  • Rebecca Pasch Photography
  • AirG Wireless
  • yesBC!


If you want to talk to me about anything, just mail me or give me a call at 604 876 2293.